Klas Ihme

Klas Ihme

Klas Ihme



Klas graduated in Cognitive Science (BSc) and is now studying Human Factors at the TU Berlin. In 2008 he attended Thorsten’s BCI lecture and afterwards joined Team PhyPA. Currently he is writing his Master’s Thesis where he tries to explore the possibility of utilizing a ‘mental go-signal’ to improve Human-Computer Interaction with the help of BCI-technology.


Conference Proceedings

Lehne, M., Ihme, K., Brouwer, A.-M., van Erp, J.B.F., Zander, T.O. Error-related EEG Patterns during Tactile Human-Machine Interaction.  In Proceedings of the ACII 2009. Los Alamitos, CA: IEEE Computer Society Press, 2009.


Conference Abstracts

Wagner J., Ihme K., Gaertner M., Kothe C., Zander T.O. Benchmarking common BCI algorithms for fast-paced HMS applications Fourth International BCI Meeting, Carmel, CA, June 2010