Matti Samuli Gaertner

Matti Gärtner

Matti Samuli Gärtner



Matti has studied Cognitive Science (BSc) and Human Factors (MSc). His main research interests are Single Trial EEG-Analysis and the transfer of BCI and Machine Learning techniques to the field of Neuroscience. Furthermore, he is interested in the selfregulation of cognitive and emotional processes using a new approach to neurofeedback.


Journal Publications

Zander TO, Ihme K, Gaertner M, Roetting M A public data hub for benchmarking common brain–computer interface algorithms  Journal of Neural Engineering, 8, 2011

Zander T.O., Gaertner M., Kothe C., Vilimek R. Combining Eye Gaze Input with a Brain-Computer Interface for Touchless Human-Computer Interaction International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 27(1), 38-51, 2011.


Book Chapters

Zander T.O., Kothe C., Jatzev S., Gaertner M. Enhancing Human-Computer Interaction with input from active and passive Brain-Computer Interfaces. In Tan, Nijholt (Eds.): Brain-Computer Interfaces Applying our Minds to Human-Computer Interaction, in press.

Ritter P., Freyer F., Gärtner M., Villringer A. Bildhafte Wissenspräsentation - Funktionelle Bildgebung mit simultaner EEG-fMRT In Bredekamp, Bruhn (Eds) Bildwelten des Wissens, 6.1: Ikonographie des Gehirns, Akademie Verlag Berlin, Germany, 2008


Conference Proceedings

Reissland J., Kothe C., Jatzev S., Welke S., Gärtner M. & Zander T.O. BCI detection of complex covert user states - or: Can we detect bluffing in a game? Tagungsband 8. Berliner Werkstatt Mensch-Maschine-Systeme, Berlin, Germany, 2009.

Gärtner M., Klister T., and Zander T.O. Classifying the observation of feasible and unfeasible human motion. In Proc. of the 4th Int. BCI Workshop & Training Course, Graz University of Technology Publishing House, Graz, Austria, 2008


Conference Abstracts

Wagner J., Ihme K., Gaertner M., Kothe C., Zander T.O. Benchmarking common BCI algorithms for fast-paced HMS applications Fourth International BCI Meeting, Carmel, CA, June 2010

Zander T.O., Kothe C., Jatzev S., Gaertner M., Roetting M. Passive BCIs for detection of Covert Aspects of User State and enhancing Human-Machine Systems Fourth International BCI Meeting, Carmel, CA, June 2010

Gaertner M., Kothe C., Vilimek R., Zander T.O. Combining a Brain-Computer Interface with Eye Tracking to Develope a New Touchless Interaction Device  Fourth International BCI Meeting, Carmel, CA, June 2010

Baernreuther B., Zander, Reissland, Kothe, Jatzev, Gaertner, Makeig S. Access to covert aspects of user intentions: Detecting bluffing in a game context with a passive BCI Fourth International BCI Meeting, Carmel, CA, June 2010

Gaertner M., Kothe C., Vilimek R., Zander T.O. A New Approach to Touchless Human-Machine Interaction: Search with your Eyes and Select with your Brain. TOBI Workshop 2010, Graz, Austria, 2010.

Gärtner M., Klister T., Zander T. O. Introducing adaptive passive control via mental workload to Brain-Computer-Interaction 9. Fachtagung der Gesellschaft für Kognitionswissenschaft, Dresden, 30.09.2008